The Distance Between

Praise for The Distance Between

"This writer’s territory, the cauldron of the family, and its ultimate good humor, reminded me of the work of Anne Tyler, Elizabeth Berg, and dare I say it, Alice Munro. Wry, witty and touching, this book is a joy to read."
Madeleine Blais

"A novel both funny and sad. A fresh new voice in American fiction, a voice of impressive range."
Tracy Kidder

"Some passages in this novel recall the furious intensity of Allen Ginsberg’s "Kaddish," while other sections are reminiscent of the subtle, lyrical gifts of T.S. Eliot’s "Love song of J.Alfred Prufrock." One cannot help but hear poems in this prose, and like Eliot and Ginsberg, this writer tackles timeless issues."
Book Page

"So precise is the writer’s touch you want to listen until she has no more to say." Martha McPhee

"The road novel for mothers, surprising, sad, hilarious, and true."
Alix Kates Shulman

"In language that is spare but enlivened with flashes of purely joyful writing, this author has the gift of revealing the commonplace in the most uncommon of ways and brings new insights into concepts we all thought we completely understood."

"Heavily interior in its center of gravity, intelligent and moving."
Kirkus Reviews

"A keen observer of gestures and detailed interpreter of loaded silences, dissecting domestic relations, creating sharply drawn, quirky yet familiar female characters struggling to learn from the contradictions of their lives."
Publishers’ Weekly (Starred review)

The Distance Between was originally published in hard cover, under the pseudonym, Eliza Osborne. It is available at Amazon, and also in Kindle and Nook format.