AN EPISODE OF GRACE An Episode of Grace If you’ve ever woken up at 4 a.m. paralyzed with fear about your children, your career, or the carpet you chose for the foyer, read this sad, hilarious, perfectly beautiful book. As soon as I was finished, I picked it up and started again. Sarah Payne Stuart, Perfectly Miserable I love these stories because they always move to a larger view. Family emergencies unfold in a landscape of cosmic mishap and superbly accurate humor. Here is fiction of a rare sort. Joan Silber, Fools These twenty new stories will delight with their uncanny charm, disarming humor, and yes, unlikely but so-welcome episodes of grace. Here are divorcing parents, prisoners, patients, in-laws, wives and husbands, people we know, people we are, but with a difference. These stories take on loss and sadness, but you get your money back if they don’t make you laugh out loud and think perhaps the whole human enterprise might just be worth another think.

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